Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started ?

See our How It Works page for information on our service and the steps to register.

Is my information secure ?

Yes! We are a licensed SA pharmacy and must meet all of the patient information security practices of all health care provider organisations in South Africa.

What medical aid plans do you accept ?

We accept all medical aid registered with the SA council of medical schemes, excluding hospital plans. Subject to available benefits.

How much does it cost ?

You can pay via credit card,debit card or EFT, if you have a medical aid the cost of your medication is covered by the medical aid. Subject to available benefits. The shipping cost is included in the fee.

How does my prescription arrive ?

Your prescription will come by courier in an inconspicuous courier package with no other labeling except for your address. We provide an order number every time we mail your treatment to you.

Where can you deliver ?

We deliver anywhere you prefer, for example to your work, home or any confidential address you stipulate. We can also mail to a temporary address for you anywhere within the SA, such as when you are on vacation or out of town.

When will I get my first delivery ?

Your medical aid determines how frequently you can refill your prescription. Usually we can bill your insurance and mail it out 7 days before you need to start your next pill pack. For example, if you received a 28-day supply, we’ll refill it again 21 days later.

How many months’ supply will I receive ?

We always try to first bill medical aid for 3-month supply. Some insurance plans only allow 1 month refill at a time

I have medical aid, why do I have a copay ?

Some medical aid plans require you or your family to meet an out of pocket “deductible” before medications are covered at 100%. Other plans may have copays for other reasons.

Why am I getting only 1 pack ?

In order to send you more than 1 month at a time, all three of the following must happen:
  • Your medical aid must cover more than 1 month at a time
  • Your doctor must authorize more than 1 month at a time
  • You must have more than 1 refill left on the prescription

Don’t worry, we’ll continue to fill on-time for you a week before you run out of pills.

My prescription is currently at State Clinic. Can I use your service ?

In order to fill your prescription with us, you must personally request a prescription from your State clinic and send the new prescription to us by fax or e-mail.

Why am I out of refills ?

All prescriptions expire after 6 months from the date the doctor writes them. Your prescription is either over 6 months old or has no more refills approved by the doctor. If you are out of refills, we will try to fax your doctor for more refills. However, you should call your doctor to let them know you need a new prescription. You may need to be seen by your doctor. They can fax a new prescription to 086 549 0000.